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The Number Of The Beast
The Trooper
Remember Tomorrow
Where Eagles Dare
Running Free
Run To The Hills
2 Minutes To Midnight
Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name

When the time came to conclude the Bruce Dickinson era with their second official live album, heavy metal legend Iron Maiden was faced with the common dilemma of how to adequately balance both old and new material into one package. So instead of releasing a continuous double-disc set combining the two, the band chose the novel approach of issuing two separate albums: A Real Live One, containing songs released after 1985's milestone Live After Death set; and A Real Dead One, containing updated versions of their early classics. Unfortunately, the latter's almost complete lack of surprises makes for a pretty lackluster experience, especially since the band's live performances add little to the original studio versions. Still, the resurrection of a few more obscure offerings from their early days like "Prowler," "Transylvania," and "Where Eagles Dare" will certainly satisfy fanatics.

-Ed Rivadavia (article obtained from AMG)
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